Participating Faculty:

Frank Vignola, Physics

G. Z. Brown, Architecture

Virginia Cartwright, Architecture

Ihab Elzeyadi, Architecture

Alison G. Kwok, Architecture

David K. McDaniels, Physics

Stanley Micklavzina, Physics

John S. Reynolds, Architecture


Lynn Kahle, Lundquist College of Business

Steve Mital, Sustainability Director

SuNRISE Associates:

David Cohen, Physics

David Johnson, Chemistry

Chris Larson, Material Science Institute

Mark Lonergan, Chemistry

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The Solar Energy Center — making solar happen.

The Solar Energy Center's goal is to build and strengthen the infrastructure necessary for the planning, design, deployment, and operation of solar energy technologies ranging from heating water, daylighting, heating and cooling buildings, and generating electricity. SEC work includes: development of new designs and training future designers and planners in sustainable, energy-efficient buildings; development and enhancement of a regional solar radiation database along with development of tools to aid in appropriate design and operation of solar systems; testing of photovoltaic technologies from cells to systems; development and distribution of information and studying the legal, economic, and technical problems accompanying solar energy development in this region.


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